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Shivanjali .V .More

“If you have joined Pristyn, your career and you, both are in good hands! Pristyn had a solution for every problem of mine. Joining here was the best decision. After coming here, I came to know what it takes being the best and stand out from the rest. Pristyn helped me to challenge any interview with my training and technical knowledge.”

Shivanjali .V .More
Sinhgad College of Pharmacy, Pune

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          To fill the vacuum created due to lack of facilities and guidance during the degree course. To gain the power of Knowledge, Professionalism, Sovereignty and Excellence in all walk of life for yourself and thus strengthen the shining future of your career and our Country.

        This job training is completely based on innovative and current demand approaches apart from conventional which fills the gap between employers & employee by being a bridge and providing real time practical work followed by industry persons at their site.

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