Pristyn Research Solutions



Pristybase is a platform containing spontaneous ADRs reporting & Individual Case Safety Reporting (ICSR), can be acquiesce by the participating member of a CRO |Indi-dual healthcare/Pharma professional as well as other working professionals and researchers.

e-CRF |E.D.C

A frame-work designed to record all of the research protocols required information to bereported and other observations required for Statistical Analysis/Research and Graphical Representation.


A big data platform that captures the data into heavy database, likewise correct and validate data. The clinical data gathered at Hospital/ Site in any form, finally stores in the customized developed clinical data management system which is ready for publications.


An Android ADRs Reporting and Monitoring System, to obtain the information about a safety profile of a medicinal product. This data will be used by pharmaceutical industries, academic institutions and regulatory authorities.

Health Guard

A QR code smart card in association with M.O.U partner CT QUEST, Use to fetch emergency medical information about an employee, can be used for multipurpose.

Marz-wo hakim

Hospital Management System (HMS) an ERP provides both clinical as well as patient care aspects to hospital management.